Working since 1988 (MAJCO ENG PVT LTD). is bonafide occupational qualified contractor and working in civil competence technology since last 30 years, during this extensive time period we have concluded several projects concerning renovation, maintenance, reconstruction, fabrication, erections profession of Government and other highly regarded multinational organizations, as well as fully attentive of all county of the country in our supervision.

We have qualified staff, honest & an efficient team of workers permanent and associated with us to work under severe conditions and are tuned to stick the time period also having a kit of tools & plant like mixer machine, vibrator pumps scaffolding, formwork, and other related essential tools as per required day to day.

Now we are working with a reputable multinational M/s Shell Pakistan Limited Karachi. & M/s Total Parco Pakistan Limited. We have also experience; Civil Mechanical, electrical, housekeeping and civil maintenance term contract since last 7 years upper Sind & Balochistan. kindly in view the above we are confident that your good self will consider enlistment/prequalification of our firm enables us to participate in competitive bids and in the growth of this organization.

MAJCO has registered with Pakistan Engineering Council as a construction Firm, License No. 49638

MAJCO National Tax Number is 3667059-6 and Sales Tax 1700366705914